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Todd's Pokégirl Feet Adventure
Part 3: Dawn

Once again, the scenery around Todd started to white out and quickly fade away. Almost immediately afterwards, the scenery of a hallway with several doors on each side started to fade into view.
"Hmm… I wonder where I am now?" thought Todd as he looked around at his new surroundings.
No sooner had he finished that thought that he heard a familiar tune; the "healing chime" of a pokémon center.
"Oh, I see! I must be in the lodging area of a Pokémon center," thought Todd as he stared at the end of the hallway.
Quickly afterwards, his watch again started quietly beeping.
He looked back at it and saw that the directional arrow was pointing to the door he appeared in front of.
"Ah ha! So, Dawn must be in this room then. And what luck, it appears to be a little after 9 PM. That means she's likely either barefoot or wearing slippers. Either way, this is gonna be good," thought Todd as he continued staring at the door in front of him.
"Oh, I can't wait!" Todd's mind blurted as he began reaching toward the doorknob.
However, right before his hand could make contact, he paused.
"Wait a minute! I can't just walk right in. That would be very rude. Besides, I guess I got so excited, I didn't come up with a plan," thought Todd as he retracted his hand. "Well, I better come up with an idea quickly before someone sees me here and wonders what I'm up to."
He laid his backpack down on the floor and looked through the equipment he packed.
"Hmm… Alright, got it!" blurted Todd in his head as he rose back up and zipped up his backpack. "Here we go!"
Trying his best to keep his cool, Todd knocked on the door a few times and asked, "Excuse me, would this be the room of Dawn the coordinator?"
"Sure is, come on in," replied a familiar, friendly voice.
Todd opened the door and calmly, yet casually, walked in.
Lying there on the bed was the blue-haired coordinator herself, wearing a pair of pink PJs and matching slippers.
This sight got Todd even more excited, but he continued containing it as he approached her.
"Ah, there you are. I thought you were here somewhere," said Todd.
"Well, here I am. Can I help you with something?" asked Dawn.
"To be honest, I'm a fan of yours and greatly impressed by your skill, said Todd.
Dawn smiled wider and replied, "Thanks! That means a lot. My pokémon and I really do our best out there, so it's nice to see that we really are doing well."
"Indeed!" replied Todd. "So, whatcha planning for your next contest?"
"I'm still not sure," said Dawn, now hugging her knees and resting her head against them. "The next contest is only a few days away and I'm still trying to come up with a new strategy."
After a few more seconds, she looked back at Todd and regained her smile.
"No need to worry though, I'll think of something, said Dawn. "Anyway, what about you? You a coordinator too?"
"Nah, I'm a traveling trainer. Experiencing the thrills of traveling and working with pokémon," replied Todd.
"I see. So, what kind of goals do you have in mind on your journey?" asked Dawn.
"To be honest, I'm not really interested in becoming a 'pokémon master' like several other trainers. I just enjoy the thrill of traveling and training," replied Todd. "If anything, my goal in life is to become a professional masseur."
"In fact," said Todd as he shifted his attention to Dawn's feet. "I don't mean to impose, but, would you mind letting me practice my foot massaging skills on you?"
"Really, you mean it?" said Dawn looking surprised.
"Sure do," replied Todd. "So, what do you say?"
Dawn started to blush, but replied, "Sure. That would be really nice."
Dawn then kicked up her feet one by one, causing her slippers to fly off her feet.
Todd watched both of them fly into the air and drop back down before shifting his attention to her now bare feet. They were very clean, as if she had recently given them a bath.
Todd walked over to the foot of her bed and knelt down in front of her feet.
"My my, what a beautiful pair of feet you have here. Looks like you take good care of them," complimented Todd.
Dawn blushed again and started giggling.
"Thanks, I really do," replied Dawn, now looking at them. "They really look that nice?"
"Indeed, very beautiful. Especially these cute little toes," replied Todd before running his finger across her ten toes.
Dawn blushed once again, giggling a little more and scrunching her toes as Todd's finger caressed them.
"Well, let's not waste any more time. Let's get down to it!" said Todd, trying his best to remain calm.
Todd began rubbing and squeezing her soles.
Dawn laid back and began "Awing" in delight.
"Aw, that's nice. Oh yeah, that feels so good," said Dawn softly.
"I'll say," thought Todd as he continued massaging her soles. "Your feet feel so soft and warm. It's like touching velvet left out in the sun for a while. I love it!"
After a few minutes, Todd switched to massaging the toes. He gave each row on each foot a few gentle strokes before giving each one individual squeezing.
Dawn continued cooing in delight as she lightly rocked her toes back and forth.
This continued onward for another couple minutes before Todd stopped.
Dawn sat back up and asked, "Done already?"
"Not quite," said Todd with a friendly smile. "There's still more to the treatment."
Todd reached down to his backpack, unzipped it, and started pulling something out of it.
To Dawn's astonishment, she saw Todd raise what looked like portable stocks.
Todd noticed Dawn's surprised look and said, "No need to be alarmed, it's all part of the treatment."
"A-alright," said Dawn nervously as Todd raised her feet into the stocks and locked them in. "But what are you going to do next?"
"Now that I got your feet nice and relaxed, my next step is to do a little 'nerve stimulation,'" replied Todd slyly.
"Nerve stimulation? What do you mea…" asked Dawn before being frozen as Todd raised his trusty feather.
"Let's see if these feet are as ticklish as they are smooth!" said Todd excitedly before bringing the feather to her exposed soles.
As the feather made contact and moved all around on her soles, Dawn quickly broke out into uncontrollable laughter.
"Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha, pleheeheeheese nohohoho! It tickles too muhuhuhuch!" laughed Dawn.
Todd just laughed and continued treating both soles to a tickling by feather.
"Just as I suspected, super ticklish," said Todd slyly. "Now let's see how ticklish these cute little toes of yours are."
He raised the feather up to her toes and began giving each one a stroking with it.
"Nohohohohoho! Nohahahot there! Pleheeheeheese!" laughed Dawn, now tearing uncontrollably.
"Aw, it's so cute how ticklish she is. I shouldn't be the only one to enjoy this," thought Todd.
Todd ceased tickling and reached into his pocket.
"What do you say we kick it up a notch," said Todd slyly as he pulled out a pokéball. "Come on out Pichu!"
The pokéball burst open and the white shape of Pichu appeared before the true colors faded in.
"Ready to help me tickle my client?" asked Todd.
"Pichu!" answered Pichu in an excited tone.
The little pokémon jumped up onto the foot of the bed and stood in front of Dawn's left foot.
"Ready… set… GO!" yelled Todd.
Both of them began tickling the bare soles and toes of the young coordinator with their bare fingers, causing Dawn to laugh harder than before.
No matter how much she tried or laughed, the tickling wouldn't cease as Todd and Pichu continued running their fingers all over her feet, and Pichu occasionally even switched to using its own toes to tickle her.
After a couple more minutes, alternating feet halfway through, Todd decided that she had enough of that and the two stopped.
"Nice work Pichu! Return!" said Todd as he held up his pokeball and called back Pichu.
Dawn sat back up, rubbing the tears from her eyes.
"Thank goodness it's over!" sighed Dawn in relief.
"Not quite, there's still one more part before the treatment is complete," said Todd sporting a sly grin.
"What?! What else?!" asked Dawn surprised.
Todd leaned his head in close to her feet and said, "This next part will seem a little weird, but it's all part of the treatment. Besides, I'm extremely curious."
"Curious? About what?" asked Dawn.
"About how good your soft, warm feet will feel against my tongue," replied Todd before licking his lips.
Dawn's eyes grew wide as she started to feel light from the shock.
"Wait, are you seriously going to…?" asked Dawn before getting interrupted by Todd's tongue making contact with her bare soles.
"Ahahahahahahahahahaha! Too muhuhuhuch! Too muhuhuhuch!" laughed Dawn as she fell back on her back and tried again to struggle free.
"Oh yes!" thought Todd with great pleasure. "Her soles feel so good against my tongue. Not to mention, they taste really good. I could get use to this flavor."
After giving each pair of soles the tongue treatment, he looked up at her toes.
"I gotta say, you've got some pretty tasty soles. In fact, if they're this good, I bet these little toesies taste absolutely delicious. So how about we find out?" said Todd with a large, sly grin.
As Todd's tongue met Dawn's toes, she resumed laughter and began wiggling them.
"Yeah, that's right! Wiggle those yummy little toesies, it only makes this even more enjoyable for me," thought Todd as he licked each toe one by one and gave each a playful nibble.
After he finished with her last toe, he got back up on his feet and unlocked the stocks.
Dawn sat back up and continued breathing heavily for another couple seconds as she dried her tears.
She then looked toward Todd and gave him a sarcastic smile.
"Done now I presume?" she asked sarcastically.
Todd laughed a little and replied, "Yep, treatment complete! What did you think?"
"I loved it, that was really fun," replied Dawn as she looked back down at her feet. "In fact, I think you just helped me get a new idea for a contest appeal."
"Good to hear it," replied Todd happily. "Anyway, this was really nice. Thanks for letting me do this."
Dawn looked back at Todd, smiled, and replied, "No need to worry!"
"Anyway," said Todd, "It's getting kinda late, I should be on my way now."
"O.K, see ya!" said Dawn as Todd walked out of the room and closed the door.
"Excellent! That went really well," thought Todd. "So, who's next?"
Todd stood outside the door for another few seconds and called Pichu back to the pokéball before he got an idea.
Todd dialed in the commands on his watch and stood by as the scenery around him again grew white and faded away.

To be continued…
Now, it's the blue-haired coordinator's turn to have her feet treated.

Dawn and Pichu are Pokemon characters and belong to The Pokémon Company.
Pokémon Center and pokéballs belongs to The Pokémon Company.
Todd Solester belongs to me.
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SSJ3Adean Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013  Student Writer
Nice but what I don't get is this...why does Dawn not suspect something's up when he pulls out the stocks. That tells me, "Crap he's gonna tickle me". This was a pretty good story all-in-all, just like the previously one. Excellent work.

Insole97 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Nurse joy next! After a long hard day of work, in hot knee socks
ChipmunkRaccoon2 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wonder what Dawn's idea for a contest appeal is? Hmmm....
FTGenikit Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2011
A trustworthy pokemon, Pikachu. :)

I like Dawn as much as Misty. Once again you did a great job.
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